Books, Pamphlets & Articles


Bread and Roses – Book by Ethel Mannin setting forth an ecological vision in opposition to the prevailing and destructive industrial organization of society.

The Breakdown of Nations – Book by Leopold Kohr which laid the foundations for the Green Anarchist movement, outlining decentralization and democratic confederalism as ways forward from the “cult of bigness” championed by capital and the nation-state.

Ecofascism – Book by Janet Biehl and Peter Staudenmaier which highlights the way that nazism emerged from movements that centered around environmentalism and rejection of rationality, and discusses how we as green anticapitalists can combat it.

The Ecology of Freedom – Book by Murray Bookchin demonstrating the idea that ecological problems are caused by human social problems and can be solved only by reorganizing society among ecological and ethical lines. (Audiobook)

Make Rojava Green Again – Book by the Internationalist Commune which outlines the fundamental causes of the climate crisis we currently face across the world, setting out the principles of social ecology.

The Next Revolution – Book by Murray Bookchin which brings together essays on freedom and direct democracy, offering a bold political vision based on popular assemblies that can move us from protest to social transformation. (Audiobook)


A Civilian’s Guide to Direct Action – Pamphlet by Crimethinc that explains what direct action is, what it’s good for and how it works. (Audiobook)

A-Z of Green Capitalism – Pamphlet by Corporate Watch intended as an introduction to the ideas surrounding green capitalism as well as the alternatives to it. We hope it will support attempts to resist the threat of green capitalism and create space for real ecological alternatives.

Capitalism is Killing the Earth – Pamphlet by the Anarchist Federation intended as an attempt to forge a more effective environmental movement. One capable of saving the planet before capitalism finishes destroying it.

Communalism: A Liberatory Alternative – Pamphlet by Marcus & Stephanie Amargi intended as an introduction to Communalism, the theory and practice that seeks to reconstruct society along ecological lines. (Audiobook)

Social Ecology – Pamphlet by Emily McGuire intended as an introduction to Social Ecology, the philosophy which states that ecological problems stem directly from social problems, and that in order to solve one you must also solve the other.

To the Ends of the Earth – Pamphlet by Corporate Watch providing a comprehensive and accessible guide to unconventional fossil fuels.

Too Many of Whom, and Too Much of What? – Pamphlet by No-one Is Illegal discussing what the population hysteria tells us about the global economic and environmental crisis, and its causes.

Communalism: a Liberatory Alternative to the Present System
Ecocity illustration by Richard Register.


An Anarchist Solution to Global Warming – Article by Peter Gelderloos discussing how anarchists suggest we reorganize society in order to decrease the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and to survive an already changed world. (Audiobook)

A “Green New Deal”?: The Eco-Syndicalist Alternative – Article by Tom Wetzel deconstructing the rhetoric surrounding the “Green New Deal” and proposing an ecological alternative in which the workers take control of the economy.

Cities Against Centralization – Article by Greg Bryant which touches upon a series of unusual historical highlights relevant to modern ecological, political and social crises.

The Destruction of Nature – Article by Anton Pannekoek which dispels the idea that socialists should hold a productivist view about humankind’s relationship with the environment.

Green Anarchism – Article by Corin Bruce intended as an introduction to ‘green anarchism’ and the ways in which it can challenge hierarchies. (Audiobook)

Interview with the Green Anticapitalist Front – Article by Hatezine who interviewed us about the problem with capitalism, class and climate change, and where to go next.

It’s Time for Green Movements to Scrap Capitalism – Article by George Hiscock looking at the green movements fighting against climate change that have exploded onto the world stage in the past year.

Post-Scarcity Anarchism – Article by Murray Bookchin which outlines the possible form anarchism might take under conditions of post-scarcity. (Audiobook)

To Be Realistic, Demand the Impossible – Article by Blair Taylor proposing a utopian vision for leftism in the 21st century, in the face of neoliberalism.

The Trouble With Wilderness – Article by William Cronon which deconstructs the ideas of wilderness and the divide between human civilization and nature as remnants of colonialism, in which nature itself is other’d and commodified. (Audiobook)

This Island is Not For Sale – Article by Patrick Barkham about the Isle of Eigg, which fought back against capitalist control and asserted its independence in a community buyout, creating an ecological society based on direct democracy.

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