Report Action

If you wish to report an action to GAM so we can share it, please follow the following steps:

  1. Use a VPN and a Tor browser. Rise Up provides a free VPN here, and Windscribe can be found here (take a pick between the two) and you can download Tor here.
  2. Encrypt the content of your email using our public PGP Key, attached below. A very easy tutorial can be fund here (for Linux).
  3. Create a temporary account on protonmail or other trusted service, paste the encrypted email into the body of a new message after selecting the “plain text” option and send it. After it’s done, delete the account.
  4. Send an account of the action, a place, and a date if required and media if available.
  5. If sending media, get rid of all metadata. Learn how here and here (Linux).
  6. Do NOT give personal details including name, nickname or any other identifying data like group name.
  7. Do NOT ask questions. We don’t answer action reports.
  8. Our email address is greenanticapitalistfront [at]

Our Public PGP key can be found here.