Returning from hiatus

Hi all, hope you are well, or as well as can be in these times of chaos!

We just wanted to put this post here to announce that London GAF is back! We’re sorry that we’ve been away for most of 2021. The pandemic took a toll on everyone as people needed to step back to take time for self care and personal health – or just self reflection – as well as dedicating their finite capacity for activist work on more urgent projects, like mutual aid. We have also been working out what direction we wanted to take this project and who wanted to remain involved.

We believe that care for ourselves and our comrades, as well as considered reflection is important, which is why we might be slower in our responses and take breaks from our activity as and when it becomes necessary to keep this group running sustainably.

Now that we’re back we really want to start things moving again, reconnect with our local community and reenergise the anti-capitalist struggle for the environmentalist perspective. We hope to do this by building up coalitions of local activists into wider assemblies which should offer an opportunity for us to get insight into new campaigns and struggles. Our aim is to give ourselves and others direction in how to get back out there, post-pandemic and start organising again.

Keep an eye on the page and elsewhere as we start putting ourselves back into the fight and send us a message if you would like to get involved, want to bring our attention to a particular cause, or would just like to say hi!