Talks & Podcasts


An Ecology of Tactics – Talk by community organizers in Vancouver exploring the interrelation between social movement organizing, electoral work, and a broader strategy of building popular power.

Climate Change, Crisis and Capitalism – Talk by Shahrar Ali and Adam Booth discussing the capitalist causes of the climate crisis, and the way forward for humanity.

The Eco-Anarchism of Street Farm – Talk by Steve Hunt about the 1970s anarchist collective Street Farm, which propagated ideas for the radical transformation of urban living which they called ‘revolutionary urbanism’.

Demand Utopia – Talk by community organizers in Seattle on social ecology, Kurdistan solidarity and community organizing.

Exploring Violence, Non-violence and Extinction Rebellion – Talk by Andrew Flood which examines what the paper Extinction Rebellion bases its argument off, and uses this as a way to talk about non-violence and recent radical political movements.

Forms of Freedom – Talk by Murray Bookchin discussing the three steps of revolution, and how the necessary third step is the most difficult of the three.

Revolution in Rojava – Talk by Debbie Bookchin and David Graeber discussing why it is critical to defend this feminist, ecological, democratic project from Turkey and from the Assad regime.


12 Rules For WHAT – Podcast about antifascism.

Neighbour Science – Podcast about political economy and anime.

New Syndicalist – Podcast for trade union activists and organisers.