Green Radical Anticapitalist Social Space (GRASS) in Paddington

Was nice to meet Oli (and Rich!) from the other day! The GRASS (Green Radical Anticapitalist Social Space) was originally formulated as the result of a public assembly to come up with ideas to tackle capitalism in ways that not only ‘stick it to the man’, but demonstrate that it’s entirely practical and possible to build a new society. A society based on fairness, compassion, co-ordination and communal working and living. The sort of society where no one will be without a home or a chance to live a fulfilling life.

This isn’t about ‘fucking the system’ or rebelling for the hell of it. It’s about showing what people can do when they work together and cooperate – not because of some unjust, enforced hierarchy but with solidarity, mutual aid, and respect. It’s about showing you don’t need hierarchy to do that (we have no leaders, everyone is on an equal footing). It’s about creating a world where people of all races, gender identities, sexualities, and abilities can thrive, and don’t have to face the prejudice they do now. It’s about offering an alternative to what we’ve all been told is the only way.

If you think the system is working well, that thousands of people on the streets is normal, that giving the vast majority of your days to a job you don’t really like to make money for someone who doesn’t even know your name while the planet burns is how things should be, then deride this. Ignore it. Good for you. But if you see what we see, and feel there is something pretty wrong with how society is working right now, then join your voice with ours and help to build something better.

5 thoughts on “Green Radical Anticapitalist Social Space (GRASS) in Paddington”

  1. Hey my names clay, I heard about the Paddington occupation on Novara media, it mentioned you would be running workshops and other skill shares are these still happening? I’d love to get involved.

  2. Hey comrades

    I used to go to the college by that pig shop, cant tell you how happy it made me to see it squatted and being turned into a social space. That is something sorely lacking these days. My question is what can a comrade who is socially anxious contribute? Would love to help the cause and to do some more praxis…

    1. Thanks for the support! Maybe an easy way to get involved is to check out some of the events that we have coming up for out week of action:

      We try to make the events as open and friendly as possible to as many people as possible and a lot of us have been in your situation so people will be understanding

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