RA-T Day Of Action Against Anti-Trespass Law

RAT Day Of Action

Our friends from the Resist Anti-Tresspass (RA-T) campaign, a “decentralised network of squatters and vagabonds resisting the proposal and enforcement of the new anti-trespass measures”, are calling for a day of action against the new bill on the 23rd of March. This bill is designed to target traveller communities and on that basis alone it should be opposed with all our strength. But we should also be concerned about the implications it could have for squatters, protesters, hunt saboteurs and others. Please read their statement bellow and start planning now!

We are calling for action on the23rd March.
(To tie in with the closure of the Legislative Scrutiny consultation led by the Joint Committee of Human Rights of the UK Parliament on the Police Powers and Protections Bill.)

We want to show solidarity with Travellers who are targeted by this bill that will criminalise trespass with intention to reside. We also stand in defiance with other groups under threat including; squatters, rough sleepers, protesters, hunt saboteurs, van dwellers, ravers, boaters…

We demand the right to roam and reside. Our land rights have for too long been eroded by a handful of elites who concentrate land ownership. This bill is a direct threat to our ways of life by criminalising our already limited access to the countryside. The government must drop this bill immediately.

Join us for a day of decentralised action against anti-trespass measures to raise awareness and fight this pivotal issue.

Send us the pictures and videos of your actions at:
You can also use #rataction on social media.

You can download their leaflet with the call here: Call-to-action-23-1.pdf

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