Shut down DSEI critical mass 1pm 6th Sept

Critical Mass is about making a difference, our bike bloc will takeover the streets to block lorries bringing in weapons for hours.

Meet-up point Canning Town station, 1pm, Friday 6th September

Every 2 years the global arms trade comes to London. DSEI, one of the world’s largest arms fairs returns this September.

This is where representatives of the ruling class who profit from war, neo colonialism and environmental destruction do business. This is where we can stop them.

More than 1000 arms companies plan to set up shop, marketing their weapons to more than 30 000 attendees from around the world including various fascists and war criminals.

Capitalism’s drive to prioritise profits for the rich relies on environmental destruction. But the power to change this lies in the hands of ordinary people not the 1%, in the past critical mass has stopped lorries delivering weapons for hours, and activism remains a huge drain on their profits.

Bring ya bikes, bring noise, colour and defiance. On Friday 6th September Critical Mass will shut the arms fair down.