Solidarity with Greek students needed!

Greek Students

Statement by GAF Glagow

Support a fundraising campaign for Greek comrades under attack!

We stand in international solidarity with the 8 students targeted viciously by the Greek state, accused of having taken part in a direct action in solidarity with squats at the Athens University of Economics and Business.

These students were targeted because of their widespread active involvement in social struggles and within the anti-authoritarian milieu, and especially their involvement with the Self-Organised Students’ Centre of AUEB. They have been the subject of a local media frenzy, and have faced great repressive measures including surveillance, forced DNA retention, and the charge, among others, of “forming a criminal organisation”.

The Greek state is demanding an outrageous monetary amount to post the students’ bail (3000 Eur/person). With the anti-authoritarian milieu in Greece not being able to rely on its traditional fundraising methods, a Firefund campaign has been set up to support the comrades. Please support in any way you can!


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