Statement in relation to Revolutionary Communist Group

The Green Anticapitalist Front, as stated in its Aims and Principles ( organises in a supportive, inclusive way, free from bullying or abusive behaviour. This includes sexual harassment and abuse, as well as covering up and tolerating such behaviour. GAF London has been approached several times by people outside the organisation about why we were organising with the RCG (Revolutionary Communist Group) who are accused of all the aforementioned actions.

We want to assure everyone that we are taking these accusations very seriously and are in the process of investigating them and holding discussions with the RCG. A decision and statement will be released as soon as all parties are satisfied.

In the meantime we request that any groups with a history of not providing a secure environment for their members, or who do not deal with such issues effectively or intentionally, but rather defend predators, do not organise under the GAF banner or in its name. GAF is an inclusive front for action that trusts survivors and their testimony. If anyone organising under the GAF banner does not abide by the aims and principles then further action will be taken to remove them from the Green Anti-capitalist Front.

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