Queer Feminist Climate Activism – A Zine by Edinburgh GAF

Our friends from Edinburgh GAF have put together an amazing zine exploring the intersection and interaction between queerness, feminism and climate activism. In their own words the articles in this zine consider:

Categorisation and homogeneity as efforts to control; struggle as one of many fronts; how patriarchy is related to power over nature and people at large; and how to be a better climate movement. The zine also contains artworks about strong women, tree planting, capitalism co-opting our struggles, capitalist and anarchist structures, how ‘green capitalism’ is not good, and why anti-capitalism is (obviously) for the better, as well as the wonderful drawings on the front and back cover.

GAF as a movement recognises that the struggle against ecological destruction is inextricable from the fight against all forms of oppression, as explained in the Aims & Principles that we all share. And we see this zine as an amazing resource to explore this connection further. Read it, share it, print it and let it inspire you to take action for a better future.

Download the zine here:

And listen to the audio reading of the zine here.