Full Stop Affinity’s Final Statement

Our friends in Full Stop Affinity, a youth liberation anarchist environmentalist affinity group of trans people that organises under the Green Anti-capitalist Front and the Youth Liberation Front, have sent us their final statement previous to their disbandment as a group. This will be followed in the next few days with a post compiling reports from all their actions during their time of activity. It’s sad to see this group come to an end, but we know that wherever they go next, they’ll continue to be a pain in the ass for the state, capitalism, transphobes and the established left.

From all of us involved in Full Stop Affinity we would like to thank groups that have continuously supported us. We’re sad to disband but recognise it is the best thing to do. This project has outlived it’s usefulness. All our actions will be up on the Green Anti-Capitalist Front website. All our social medias will be taken down in a week. In this final statement we would like to note some thing this project has made us notice.

“The Left” in London is disastrous.

read the whole statement here