#RiseUp4Rojava – Call to Defend Democracy

Our struggle is the struggle against oppression and exploitation, the struggle against capitalism, against nation-state and against patriarchy. Now more than ever, we will continue the fight for a free and green Rojava. Because the land must be defended or there will be no place for the revolution.

Make Rojava Green Again

This week, the Turkish state invaded North-East Syria (Rojava), intensifying its war with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). Its aims are as transparent as they are horrible; the genocide of the Kurdish people, the ecocide of the local environment, and the annihilation of one of the world’s only bastions of freedom, equality, direct democracy, feminism and ecology. The SDF were on the frontlines of the war against Daesh (ISIL), fighting back from holding 3 small enclaves in the north, they chased Daesh back to the Euphrates where the last of the fascist horde’s territory was swept away. This did not mean the war against Daesh was over, but the United States under the Trump regime declared “job done” and gave the Turkish military the green light to invade.

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