Open meeting 23rd March 2019

The Green Anti-Capitalist Front is a new movement supported by radical
groups and individuals across London and the UK which aims to support
the surge of actions being carried out by Extinction Rebellion while
also offering a radical alternative for those who see the abolition of
capitalism as the only real means of avoiding complete ecological
catastrophe. We also recognise that many of us would like to be
involved in actions which do not include asking to be arrested or
collaborating with the police. We are calling for an open assembly where
we can decide how we wish to interact with Extinction Rebellion and what
alternative actions we can pursue.

We will be holding this meeting at The Common House, Unit E, 5 Pundersons Gardens, Bethnal Green London, E2 9QG from 3 – 6pm on the 23rd March 2019.

Please read our preliminary manifesto here:
and our open letter to Extinction Rebellion here:

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