Outcome from our first meeting

Critique of XR – although everyone who attended had their own critique with XR, building a positive narrative of what an anticapitalist future might look like is more important that pointing out the failures of others. We can bring people around to our way of thinking by articulating an alternative.

GAF as network – climate change is one of the biggest issues of our time. GAF could unite groups and individuals in different anticapitalistic tendencies to fight together.

Youth Strike – this movement is inspiring. We should work to spread anticapitalist ideas amongst students whilst respecting their self-organisation. We do not want to control or recruit them but we do want them to learn of the role capitalism plays in environmental destruction.

Political statement – the GAF manifesto could be refined. Ideas include the decolonisation of the non-violence narrative and more on building a positive future. We will delay working on this until after Rebellion Week due to the short deadline engaging with this action imposes.

Red lines – we will not work with the police. As XR share their plans with the police we can not share our plans with XR.

Outreach – we will host talks in the run up to Rebellion Week and reach out to grassroots organisations and unions.

Expanding – we’ve had enquiries from all over the country and all over the world. We encourage anyone to set up groups under the same principles.

Action – we resolved to take three actions. 1. Produce leaflets explaining our position to hand out at Youth Strike and XR events. 2. Build for an anticapitalist bloc during Rebellion Week (15th April). 3. Where XR aims to bloc roads and get arrested, we will aim to target symbols of capital to highlight their role in this crisis.

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