Don’t nuke the climate

Remembering Fukushima

We all remember the Fukushima Daiichi disaster that took place in Northern Japan on the 11th of March 2011, the aftereffects of which are still being felt as the Japanese government continues to grapple to deal with the tons of radioactive soil, water and waste they need to store or dispose of. The surrounding communities are still suffering from their radiation exposure and displacement as 36,000 people have not returned to their homes (according to Fukushima prefecture) despite government announcements allowing return, and compensation claims are still being processed.

The Fukushima accident was the second worst nuclear accident in the history of nuclear power generation. It was the result of tsunami waves generated by the powerful earthquake that shook Japan on the same day damaging the backup generators of the plant. Japan is an earthquake prone country and tsunami waves of this size have historical precedents in the country. Despite the reactors shutting down, the power loss caused the cooling systems to fail and the reactors’ cores to melt down, release radiation and create holes in their containment vessels exposing the nuclear materials and resulting in explosions in the following days that released further radioactive materials.

At least 600 square km of land was initially evacuated with 47,000 people leaving their homes surrounded by a wider zone where residents were asked to remain indoors. In the following months radiation was found in the local food and drinking water, and ocean water near the plant was discovered to have been contaminated with high levels of iodine-131. An additional corridor of land covering roughly 207 square km was also designated for evacuation in the months following the disaster raising the number of evacuated people to 150,000.

Apart from the contamination of the soil, plants, animals and groundwater in the surrounding areas, the Fukushima disaster is the single largest accidental (in other words excluding bomb testing) release of radioactivity into the ocean the results of which it is too early to tell.

Why are we still talking about nuclear energy?

Nuclear energy, an ominous spectre to those who grew up in the shadow of Chernobyl, is still around. Why? Even worse, several countries are either considering or in the progress of building new nuclear power plants, one of them the UK. Even worse than that, the temptation seems to be strong for liberal environmentalists to be seduced by its lure and start touting it as the solution to climate change. Case in point last year’s defection of the Extinction Rebellion (XR) newspaper “Hour Glass” editor to a pro-nuclear power propagandist lobbying “environmental NGO”.

Trapped in the panicked rhetoric of an “urgent climate emergency”, people and states are grasping for quick fixes. And what is better than promising an easy, painless “techno-fix” in the form of a technology that already exists? That being nuclear energy, in case you were wondering. Nuclear energy looms in the imagination as the perfect solution to our climate change problems. Perfect as in needing no change or sacrifices on our part so we can continue to live our lives of comfort in the Global North, as nuclear energy promises to provide us all with unlimited clean energy. Plus living in the atomic era is sexy, is it not?

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Action Report: Anarcha-feminist Squatting during 8th of March in Amsterdam

We’ve received the following action report from some anarcha-feminist friends in Amsterdam who took action during the 8th of March International Women’s day by squatting a building, something that is illegal in the Netherlands. Read their statement bellow.

Today, in honor of 8th of March, we organized a squatting action with demonstration. Due to security concerns, it was organized silently, sharing call-out in private channels. Despite this, more that 60 comrades came to support our action! Three banners (“Woman life freedom”, “Sex work is work”, “destroy patriarchy, fight capitalism, smash the state”) were dropped with flares from the windows of the squatted building. Police were present, but no one was arrested.

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Action Report: Redecoration of Scottish Power HQ

We’ve received the following anonymous action report taken on the March 6th Day of Action against the Scottish Power HQ.

Happy March 6th!
To celebrate the autonomous day of action called for by the insurrectionary collective Full Stop Affinity, we paid a visit to the HQ of Scottish Power in Glasgow. In an attempt to stop their greenwashing, we added black to the facade of their HQ: anarchist and ecological symbols and slogans.

Why Scottish Power? Scottish Power, and their parent company Iberdrola, are trying to greenwash their role in global and local environmental destruction by sponsoring COP26, the summit of fools that will take place in our city in November.

We do not forgive the irreversible environmental damage you have caused, and are still causing. There is no such thing as ‘Green Energy’, no matter how many pledges you sign, nor how much you pay for ‘ecological’ summits. We also do not forget your constant, and still ongoing, attempts to scam common people by creating debt out of thin air, nor your catastrophic ‘service’, leaving people freezing and hungry. In a worldwide pandemic, Scottish Power somehow manages to keep being one of the most predatory capitalist organisations around.

We hope you enjoyed our little redecoration. Our actions (and our graffiti skills) can only get better.


RA-T Day Of Action Against Anti-Trespass Law

Our friends from the Resist Anti-Tresspass (RA-T) campaign, a “decentralised network of squatters and vagabonds resisting the proposal and enforcement of the new anti-trespass measures”, are calling for a day of action against the new bill on the 23rd of March. This bill is designed to target traveller communities and on that basis alone it should be opposed with all our strength. But we should also be concerned about the implications it could have for squatters, protesters, hunt saboteurs and others. Please read their statement bellow and start planning now!

We are calling for action on the23rd March.
(To tie in with the closure of the Legislative Scrutiny consultation led by the Joint Committee of Human Rights of the UK Parliament on the Police Powers and Protections Bill.)

We want to show solidarity with Travellers who are targeted by this bill that will criminalise trespass with intention to reside. We also stand in defiance with other groups under threat including; squatters, rough sleepers, protesters, hunt saboteurs, van dwellers, ravers, boaters…

We demand the right to roam and reside. Our land rights have for too long been eroded by a handful of elites who concentrate land ownership. This bill is a direct threat to our ways of life by criminalising our already limited access to the countryside. The government must drop this bill immediately.

Join us for a day of decentralised action against anti-trespass measures to raise awareness and fight this pivotal issue.

Send us the pictures and videos of your actions at:
You can also use #rataction on social media.

You can download their leaflet with the call here: Call-to-action-23-1.pdf

Call for solidarity with Ruymán Rodríguez, anarchist repressed, tortured and persecuted by the Spanish state for housing the poor

We are publishing a statement sent to us by GAF London as well as a translation of the one released by Federación Anarquista Gran Canaria. You can see the amazing work the FAGC does by listening to our recent interview with one of them. Please remember that Green Anti-capitalist Media simply publishes what we receive and we don’t necessarily endorse or condone any of the opinions it contains.

Here is the statement by GAF London followed by the translation below.

We’ve translated a statement published by the Federación Anarquista Gran Canaria (Gran Canaria Anarquist Federation) where they detail the political persecution of their member Ruymán Rodríguez, who is facing false charges to cover up the brutal violence they inflicted upon him as part of a ploy to repress the radical housing movement in Gran Canaria. The FAGC he’s part of has been involved in a very successful social movement for housing in Gran Canaria and has helped hundreds of families left abandoned by the state. Like any other threat to its legitimacy, the state couldn’t allow this to continue unchallenged.

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Queer Feminist Climate Activism – A Zine by Edinburgh GAF

Our friends from Edinburgh GAF have put together an amazing zine exploring the intersection and interaction between queerness, feminism and climate activism. In their own words the articles in this zine consider:

Categorisation and homogeneity as efforts to control; struggle as one of many fronts; how patriarchy is related to power over nature and people at large; and how to be a better climate movement. The zine also contains artworks about strong women, tree planting, capitalism co-opting our struggles, capitalist and anarchist structures, how ‘green capitalism’ is not good, and why anti-capitalism is (obviously) for the better, as well as the wonderful drawings on the front and back cover.

GAF as a movement recognises that the struggle against ecological destruction is inextricable from the fight against all forms of oppression, as explained in the Aims & Principles that we all share. And we see this zine as an amazing resource to explore this connection further. Read it, share it, print it and let it inspire you to take action for a better future.

Download the zine here:

And listen to the audio reading of the zine here.

GAF Fucks The Media: Introducing GAM

What is going on?

Hey there. You may have noticed that our online presence has changed a bit. That’s because some of the people who have been running the GAF social media, website, livestreams and reading groups over the last few months have decided to create an independent group organising under the GAF banner but focused on media creation and supporting the wider GAF movement. We are calling ourselves Green Anti-capitalist Media.

We are doing this for several reasons.

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Full Stop Affinity’s How To for the Fluffy Anarchist Basics (part 2)

Full Stop Affinity have put out a guide on several useful actions anarchists can take, from banner drops, food distributions, graffiti, wheatpasting and more. It’s important to clarify that neither FSA nor us encourage anyone to actually do these things and we are just publishing them for research purposes.

On unrelated news, we remind you that FSA have called for a day of autonomous action against the state next 6th of March.

To change everything, start anywhere. Take action now! Become ungovernable!

You can find the first part of the guide here.

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Why is Youth Liberation so Important in the Climate Movement?

It is undeniable that young people have had a central part in the modern environmentalist movement. But something we don’t see discussed very often is the role youth liberation plays in it and why is so important to its success. To find out, we decided to ask our friends at Full Stop Affinity, a youth liberation anarchist environmentalist affinity group that organises under the Green Anti-capitalist Front and the Youth Liberation Front. This is what they wrote.

The environment will collapse before some of us reach our thirties. Our future has been stolen from us by the state. Children are an oppressed group and we will fight for our freedom. Older generations repeatedly look down on us and presume we know nothing. Parents and guardians treat us like property, censoring what we say, stopping us from acting. 

Youth liberation is necessary. We must be free. The state repeatedly tries to fuck us around, turn us into a statistic. Keep us preoccupied so we can’t see the murder and devastation they cause. But we see it. We will not surrender to the state. We may not believe the revolution will happen but we will continue to fight because it’s the right thing to do.

Older generations have repeatedly shown that they don’t care about climate change. They know they’ll be dead before it becomes devastating. And they don’t want us young people changing how they have to live or, in their words, “inconveniencing” them. We the young people have no future. We must fight for our liberation, like any oppressed group.

Climate change affects us. Climate change will kill us. We refuse to go without a fight. In the last year, we the young people have scared the shit out of the state with demos and direct action. It’s important our older comrades do not try to control us, or police us, in our fight for freedom.

Youth liberation is especially important to the climate movement as we are the ones that will suffer. We are the ones that are acting. We don’t mean “acting” as in the same sense as XRY, or even the youth strikes. We are taking direct action against our oppressors. Gluing and chaining ourselves to roads and fences while relying on state empathy will get us nowhere. A to B marches will get us nowhere. Only chaos will change things.

For too long older people have been made the face of the climate movement, with liberal groups pushing an image of older people, grandparents, to the front of their activism. You aren’t fighting for your grandchildren’s future by submitting yourself to the state. Only complete insurrectionist action will cause change. Punch the enemy, do not rely on their empathy. We are the climate movement, not grandparents who chant “police we love you. We’re doing this for your children”. 

Corporations know their actions are unjust, they rely on the compliance of the people and this is why we, the youth, pose such a threat. It’s a time where values are experimented with, boundaries are broken and it signifies the end of relying on our oppressors for sympathy. This, along with the youths ability to begin organising independently, combine to make young people such a genuine threat to climate-massacring corporations and the oppressive structures they rely on.

Youth comes with an aspect of autonomy, which many other social groups lack. This is why the established system views young people as such a threat. We have a crucial role in acting for social change and we will fulfil it.

No matter how much they try to force and control us, there is no place for us in the state hierarchy and therefore their ideas of correctness. We can’t be placed in a section. This is why youth movements and youth themselves are so often belittled and put down by media and corporations and tried to be controlled by schools and classrooms; because by its very nature, youth works against the states ideas of hierarchy and control. This is why in movements such as the climate movement, which heavily relies on youth liberation, is important as its existence works against the hierarchies the movements desire and need to remove.

Young people are a determining dynamic force. All throughout history, exploited youth fight against the state and those who oppress them and encourage the people around them to do the same. 

Smash the state. Set fire to the prisons. From the streets to the schools, remain ungovernable!

– Full Stop Affinity / FSA

Full Stop Affinity’s How To for the Fluffy Anarchist Basics (part 1)

Full Stop Affinity have put out a guide on several useful actions anarchists can take, from banner drops, food distributions, graffiti, wheatpasting and more. It’s important to clarify that neither FSA nor us encourage anyone to actually do these things and we are just publishing them for research purposes.

On unrelated news, we remind you that FSA have called for a day of autonomous action against the state next 6th of March.

To change everything, start anywhere. Take action now! Become ungovernable!

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